As we all know, HipHop is touching lives of million fans across the globe. It is composite culture of different art forms which includes Graffiti, Djing, Breakdancing (B-boying), Mcing (Rapping), and Beatboxing.
But there are many narrow perceptions about it among people who believe it to be the part of non professional street activities.

Our objective is to bring forth the true meaning of HipHop. You are all invited to be the part of this movement to root out this misconceptions.

Anyhow if you are part of HipHop as an Artist, Fan or a Blogger share your valuable views and thoughts (What Is Hip Hop ?) to bring awareness and develop the HipHop culture.

We will share them globally.

Mission of is to bring forth the true picture of HipHop (or to bring forth the richness of HipHop)  and enrich the HipHop culture.

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