Shah - What Is HipHop? (Toronto - Canada)

Shah - What Is HipHop (Toronto - Canada) - what is hip hop

Hip hop has always been the culture that gave me a sense of belonging. Growing up in Toronto as a first generation son of Indian parents, I generally couldn't relate to what was on TV or what schools taught in class. I didn't have any public figure role models that I could relate to. There were no celebrities with my skin color, I didn't get society, and society wasn't trying to get me. Rap was like my first gang. Hip Hop was an entire culture comprised of people like me. Today, rap has helped me achieve my dreams. My rap accomplishments in America has led to Bollywood coming calling with offers. As a rapper, this music lets me do what I love, and also help me be that play that public figure role for kids of today that I never had to look up to.

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