Ghauri - What Is Hip Hop? (Rawalpindi - Pakistan)

Ghauri - What Is HipHop (Rawalpindi - Pakistan) - what is hip hop

Hanje #SUNNO -- To me, Hip Hop is having voice. It's great to have vocals and talking about everything you’re influenced by or the issues you see. It is more of freedom to speak out bluntly what’s on your mind.

Hip Hop is art by itself so it depends on artist how he/she portrays this art. Commercial Music is the illusion for what lies underneath. A lot of people are confused like is it about flashing cars, guns talking about drugs and women. But to me, hip hop is beyond that.  It’s about keeping it real even if its sounds too not-selling-in-market. It all depends on artists, if you look in the mirror and say yes that’s me portraying my image right then it’s definitely your art, and if it’s not then you’re portraying an image to entertain people just like a clown. It’s your decision to differentiate between art and entertainment. 

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