Rocky Glock - What Is HipHop? - (Guwahati, India)

To me HipHop is everything. It's a reflection of every type of mood that I've in my day to day life. It's a medium to express whatever is hidden in me that I can't express in other way. From the bright reality to the dark fantasy everything comes out through HipHop. It is something I breathe.

I think the commercial music is responsible for the wrong conceptions of HipHop in people's mind. Folks believe what they see and all they see is flashy cars, expensive bottles and ladies. It's more than that. It's about keeping things real even though it doesn't sounds good or cannot be fit in. HipHop is global wild fire. A lot of folks wants to do something with it now a days but at the end of the day we need more characters to make then people know what is HipHop.


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