Don Streat - What Is Hip Hop? (Baltimore, United States)

Don Streat - What Is Hip Hop (Baltimore, United States) - what is hiphop

Hip-Hop to Don Streat is all of the Elements. They all have their place in the Culture. Every element is important and unique. Each one has it own set purpose to keep the culture growing and Evolving. We should always remember although HipHop has become a cultural phenomenon and that great it will always be the voice of the people. How we talk, how we dress, how we dance, our art we set the trends we decide what will or won’t be accepted in the culture we are hip-hop. The art has came a long way from my earlier recollections but if important that it keeps pushing forward and we most always be open to change. Although the 70’s and 80s were dope would it still be as relevant if we didn’t usher in the beloved 90s which people consider the greatest era. By the way I consider the 80s the greatest era but my point being nothing that stays the same can last. Is disco still around? No it was nowhere for it to evolve except in other Genres. So change is important in any genre of music. So to recap what hip hop is to Don Streat is the ever evolving spirit of all of the elements of hip hop culture. Thank you for considering me for this interview I am truly humbled!

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