Charan Preet - What Is HipHop? (Deoria, Uttar Pradesh - India)

Charan Preet - What Is HipHop (Deoria - India) - what is hip hop

What I think about HipHop is, HipHop is a culture, a way for living life. It always inspires me and every other artists who are keeping it real. HipHop mainly came into action against the racists who used to discriminate black society. It spreads Brotherhood worldwide via Emceeing, Graffiti writing, Break Dancing, Scratching and Knowledge. But Rapping nowadays has just been a game of money, drugs n chicks, showing one's swag. We are denying real lyricism. This is not HipHop and mainly in India the mainstream rappers are just making raps on girls, cents, alcohols n cars. What is this? We need that true lyricism back. Shoutouts to all my hardworking brothers and sisters who are spreading the roots of HipHop. Be Inspired to be true. Inspire others to be true. That's what HipHop is according to me. :)

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