Raahi - What Is Hip Hop? (Chandigarh - India)

Hip Hop according to me is a way of living or a lifestyle. It is a culture which is different from all other religions and cultures around the world. HipHop is all about expressing one's story, their emotions and things they want to share with the world and believe me that's the best part of Hip Hop, that now everybody can join the culture (If he or she is really serious about it). It gives a freedom of speech to people (Although not in our country) but ya people overseas are really using it. Freedom of speech was the reason behind the birth of Hip Hop culture, when black people raised their voices against all that inequality, fear and Racism and then slowly it getting more bigger and people started connecting with it. HipHop gives you a chance to be yourself and share your story with people in some interesting way to which people can relate and they could feel the same.

Now let's move to the other point which is about the present Indian Hip Hop scene and people's mentality, their views and thoughts on Hip Hop and Rap - Most of the people in our country don't know the difference between Hip Hop and Rap as they think both are same ( Credits to Yo Yo ! Isse Kehte hai Hip Hop). They don't know that Rap is just a part of the Hip Hop culture. There are total five elements of Hip Hop that everyone should know about Graffiti, Emcee, DJing, B-Boy and Knowledge. People just think that Hip Hop is all about that groovy music, Smoking,Showing off your money, girls and using abusive and vulgar words/language. But that's not the true picture of HipHop. People of our country are not aware of underground scene as they are more busy into the commercial Rap stuff which is promoted wisely after spending lots of money. Which make it hard for the Underground scene to come up with the true identity of Indian Hip Hop. But now I am happy that many underground rappers are doing really good not just for themselves but for the better future of Indian Hip Hop Culture. Rappers are really working hard, setting out to begin a new trend of Hip Hop and Rap in India. It's just started and getting better with Time. I am pretty sure that a time will come when world will talk about Indian Hip Hop Scene. At the end I just want to request people to support good Rap music in our country and support independent artists who are working for the better future of Indian Hip Hop Scene and personally I am doing lot of hard work to bring Desi Hip Hop forward so that  people can connect to it and enjoy it.

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