Kauratan - What Is Hip Hop? (New Delhi - India)

Kauratan - What Is Hip Hop(New Delhi - India) what is hiphop - desi hip hop

Hip Hop to me is Freedom !!

Freedom to express through words and actions. Freedom to say what you want to say. Freedom to carry yourself the way you want. Freedom to be your own self.

Hip hop is a way to show what you got. Whether it’s through actions or words. Through colors or by being on the streets.

Hip Hop is pain, joy, victory, defeat, aggression, happiness, humour, life and everything else that you can think of on similar lines. It’s the thing that starts from your present, takes you to your past and future at the same time.
If we really want hip hop culture to grow then we need to come out together. Whom are we fighting with? There is no battle, no competition, no war.

Just show what you got and the culture will keep growing.

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