Saras Rapper - What Is Hip Hop? (Ludhiana - India)

Saras Rapper - What Is Hip Hop (Ludhiana - India) what is hiphop

To me HIP HOP is my passion, my love, my life. Being from a city, Ludhiana, where the real hip hop doesn't exist. People here are making craps not raps. HIP HOP, for me is a way through which i can tell the story of my life, who i am ? what are my dreams ?whats my reality ? my favorite quote is "Don't judge a book by its cover". Saras rapper is not that type of guy which people think he is. As i Belong to business class family, where everyone thinks that rapping is not a career but my thinking is quite different from them. Earning money is not everything in life. Long ago i started listening the living legend BOHEMIA, He is the one who inspired me to do rap n tell my story to everyone. Usually some talented rappers do not get the chances to get so deep in the hip hop industry. I find myself very lucky that I'm working with DesiHipHop which was a dream one day. Now i feel like I'm doing something very good in life. I always do the things which make me happy and rapping is one of that. So my view towards my life is that its full of enthusiasm. My love, my excitement towards learning new things n then applying them in my life. I love the life I'm living. I'm happy that i have got a chance to express my feelings through hip hop.

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