Rapper SIZ - What Is Hip Hop? (Dehradun - India)

Rapper SIZ - What Is Hip Hop (Dehradun - India) what is hiphop
An extraordinary culture, the struggle, an enthusiasm that pumps to bring out a revolution is HipHop.
Listeners love it for chains, swag, dope, girls,fame, Porsche rides, money, expressing feelings, turning mass crowd crazy and the freedom of speech. According to me, Indians are loving hiphop as its new concept for them. In addition, the co-rappers are pushing hard to maintain the connectivity, between them and the audience. I salute to all the Indian rappers and followers, who are pushing the movement to a new height.
Myself Siz the hindi rapper from India, started rapping 4yrs back after being influenced by west coast rappers. When I found the rap culture is forming its root in India, I started writing by hearing the free peppy sample beats available on the Internet. Later, when my friends started encouraging me, it boosted my inner soul. My first step on the stage made me believe that “I can do it”.Since then I never looked back, just kept on pacing hard
“Vo kehtey hai na -123 meri fauj tayaar, ladkey diler nikley karney ko shikaar, aar ya paar, aaj hoga hisaab! Rokney pe n ahi hai rukhna, likha hai apni kismet mei bhi – Kamyaabi ka Taaz”
I started doing for the bass that kills every vibe, I do it as it makes me feel young. I will be doing it till my last breath. It doesn’t matter the record label publish or not, the dumb cheques come or not. Personally, I am doing to bring the real swagger to India.
HipHop is a religion and I am proud to say – I am counted amongst the believers of the religion.

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