KrazyClip - What Is Hip Hop (New Delhi - India)
KrazyClip - What Is Hip Hop (New  Delhi - India)

What is Hip-Hop? Hip-Hop is a culture. Hip-Hop is an individual's reflection either on the society or on the whole world. The time during the 80s and the 90s was undoubtedly the golden era of Hip Hop, I mean sure at that time rappers used to rap about guns, drugs, black oppression and stuff but that's what actually used to happen during that time in their lives, it's like they used to make songs to be passed on as tales to tell from generation to generation. Commercialism has always been a major phase of Hip Hop. Now, we consider Jay-Z as one of them greats but today even he raps about how many women he has slept with, how much money he has or what kinda cars he drive and that's just because that is what the people wanna vibe to nowadays. I'd like to rectify what I said, Hip-Hop is not just an individual's reflection on either the society or the whole world but also the whole world's or the society's reflection on an individual. Hip-Hop is an art, Hip-Hop is the freedom of speech and action, Hip-Hop is a state of mind, Hip-Hop is a culture, Hip-Hop is a lifestyle.

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