King ND - What Is Hip Hop ? (Chennai - India)

King ND - What Is Hip Hop  (Chennai - India) what is hiphop
To me, Hip Hop is a way of life. It's the way you feel inside, and how you express those feelings through a track. It's a tool that many people have used in the past to take a stand and make a difference. "Be the change." That's what they say, and I believe that you cannot begin to change the world until you can bring a change to yourself. Through Hip Hop we can all bring a change to the world. It has always been that way. Whether it be Rapping, flash mobs performed by Hip Hop dancers or graffiti, they have all been used to touch lives and open eyes.
Hip Hop has changed a lot over the years and has been commercialized, effecting the mind set of people. There is a huge misunderstanding among the people who think that wearing baggy clothes, long chains, smoking weed, acting like a gangster, talking about clubs, women and alcohol in a track makes one a real Hip Hop artist, but I'm afraid that's not Hip-Hop. Hip-Hop is an Art that can bring a revolution to this sad, mean, two faced, corrupted world. Mainstream does not favor the underground artists cause people don't want to listen to reality because they find it boring. Whenever I'm going through a mood swing, I get away from the crowd and write on what I feel. I've been writing for 6 years and I always try to write something that could bring change. I talk about my life and about the hurdles that life's given me. My aim is to make tracks based on reality and touch the lives of the people, so they can understand that they aren't alone and, also, relate to me so I can help them fight and rise above their own hurdles that they face. If I can inspire a handful of people then I'm happy with my work. It isn't easy to make it big but again nothing comes easy in life.
Many artists hire expensive rides and dress up rich just to show how cool they look. But if you aren't keeping it real then you aren't Hip Hop. Like I always say to young rappers who come to me for advice, "Don't fake it to make it." Be yourself and success will come through hard work, patience and time. Hip Hop culture is growing, but I've seen how the other branches of Hip Hop hate on each other. Unity is strength and we all have to understand that only by coming together can this culture survive. I am me, and that is why I am Hip-Hop. Shout out to all the Rappers, DJs, Dancers, MC's , and Graffiti artists doing their thing and keeping it real. Hip-Hop isn't dead, it's just hidden...hidden underground and on the verge of rising. Never give up and keep chasing your dreams cause you can make a difference.

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