Ibex - What Is Hip Hop ? (Mumbai - India)

To me Hip Hop is the only religion in the world which allows us to follow our free-will. While there maybe arguments that Hip Hop is a culture and people are paving the right ways to create a code of conduct, I would object and say, sorry preachers and teachers of hip hop there are no commandments to be followed as such. I strongly do not advocate counter ethical values but my point is and should be clear that you should do whatever you want to, to lead a constructive, productive life with the elements of Hip Hop.

Ibex - What Is Hip Hop  (Mumbai - India) what is hiphop

The four elements (Rap, Dj'ing, Break Dancing, Graffiti Painting) are the basis and Foundational pillars of Hip Hop which allow self expression in the most creative way ever. Hip Hop is a pursuit of happiness in which some may resort to it for fame and money, some for revolutionary messages, to some its just a hobby and this is directly proportionate to doing whatever you want to. There is nothing wrong in taking up Hip Hop for fame and money even if this means selling out, making cheesy rap lines that will sell because worst case scenario if this is your career, your bread and butter you might just have to sell out. This is one reason you see guys at the top with wacky/cheesy lines topping billboard charts rather than those who make sense lyrically and have revolutionary motives. At the end of the day its your pursuit just be true to yourself and ask yourself does this make me happy? Well, I started off with Bboying and moved on to rap with a slight drift to reggae/dancehall music. I have really enjoyed my journey following Hip-Hop for almost 10 years now, it has helped me learn quite a bit in the ocean of experiences in which I have lots more to learn and this will be never-ending, have met quite a lot of people with same synergistic enthusiasm for Hip Hop. I would conclude saying Hip Hop is a window that helps you channelize your ideas/expressions to the world so use it well.

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