Guru Lahori - What Is HipHop ? (Lahore - Pakistan)
Guru Lahori - What Is HipHop ? (Lahore - Pakistan) - what is hip hop
This is the tenth time i have backspaced all the way to the beginning of the sentence and finally we have a sentence going but wow is this irrelevant. That is how difficult it is to start talking about a topic like "What is HipHop". I feel this way not because I lack knowledge on the topic, but because i feel too greatly about it and have too much to say. So maybe i will start off by saying what Hip Hop is NOT. Hip hop has absolutely nothing to do with how many chains you rock, how low your jeans is sagging or how many chicks you got on the side. It has nothing to do with the way you speak, the slang you use or the way you twist and turn your fingers tryna throw up gang signs. Most importantly, it has nothing to do with how many "yo's" you put in your sentence or add to the beginning of your name. If you know then you know. Hip hop in my eyes, is your chance to be yourself. Your chance to be original and spill whats in your heart in the most creative and truthful way. It is a medium for artists to paint a picture, to tell a story or shed light on a topic that they feel strongly about.

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