Big Deal - What Is HipHop ? (Bangalore - India)

Big Deal - What Is HipHop (Bangalore - India) what is hip hop

Hip Hop is life, I live Hip Hop everyday. HipHop allows me to express or in other words, is an outlet to my emotions. I treat my verses like a diary and feed it all my deepest secrets, weaknesses and strengths. Some verses I write for the listener, some I write for myself and when I do, Hip Hop becomes therapeutic. It heals me mentally, almost like I have a trustworthy friend I can reside in.
Hip Hop lets me tell my story, helps me to inspire that One Kid With a Dream to continue dreaming and chase his passion regardless of what the society or his parents tell him. To all the rappers in India, use Hip Hop to tell your story, do not imitate American rappers. We have a long way to go and lot more to grow, let's make this journey beautiful(BeYou-tiful)!

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