Aman D - What Is Hip Hop ? (Dubai - United Arab Emirates)
Aman D - What Is Hip Hop (Dubai - United Arab Emirates) what is hiphop

Hip hop is not just a music genre. Its an culture a culture based on expressing your self. What you think, what you feel, what gets you mad, what is your view. There is no guide line to Hip Hop. People are like that is not hip hop this and that, Desi Hip Hop is only Bohemia and rest are shit Honey Singh is this and that. Well straight up hip hop is saying what you fell like. Money, Hoes, Guns or Matters at hand, Depression, Politics. Its all about keeping it real. When I was a kid Hip Hop got me throw tough times. Got me some confidence . Where I was good at something the way I wrote rhymes and all.
It got me that yes I am Different and its good to different. As a Sikh growing was a bit tough cause people made fun of my hair and all. Hip Hop got to me and I my mind changed. Hip Hop is a mind thing, As I grew so did my thinking so did my style so did my lyrics. Hip Hop in India is fine its making its way. Even when Hip Hop started people din have such great flows or beats or even rhymes. It took time and it takes time.

Keep Expressing your self don't give a f*ck you know. Thats HIP HOP

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