2K - What Is Hip Hop? (New Delhi - India)
2K - What Is Hip Hop? (New Delhi - India) what is hiphop

Hip Hop is not a genre, it's a culture like, these days, so many people think hip hop is rap and vice-versa. But in the real manner hip hop is a life in which mcing, DJing, scratching, break dancing, beat boxing & graffiti writing are there so this is hip hop and about RAP (Rhythm and Poetry) For me it's an art, where you express yourself whether it will be good or bad, whatever be, it is but just the point is express yourself or express your feelings like love, gangsta and so on but these days what is happening here people talks about guns, alcohols, drugs etc. but in their whole life they never see a real gun and not even they got a drop of daaru. So, if u want to be a real artist or rapper just be real, just write your own thoughts on paper.

"one thing more to the listening crowd.
help yourself or die with the proud."

and yes,if u want to live in this culture then start living this lifestyle then u know what is hip hop.

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