Youngsta Ash - What Is Hip Hop ? (New Delhi - India)

Youngsta Ash - What Is Hip Hop (New Delhi - India) - what is hiphop

Hip-Hop is a lifestyle.It is a culture, it cannot be limited upto a certain form of performing arts. It is something you live. You dress like that,you talk like that,you think like that and even see the world from an entirely different perspective. Once you start living that lifestyle, you are hip-hop.

As an emcee, it's all about being true to the world you live in and sharing your experiences, whether good or bad, whatever you see or experience, through your lyrics. Posers who talk about something but don't live it, don't deserve to say that hip-hop is their lifestyle. Hip-Hop is about connecting to the audience via your form of art and making them have a good time and letting them relate to your music & lyrics but by being true to your roots at the same time as well. Whether it be as an emcee, a DJ/Producer, a b-boy/girl or even a graffiti artist.

Shout outs to everyone keeping it real in the Indian hip-hop scene.

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