Suraj - What Is Hip Hop? (Germany)

Suraj Saini - What Is Hip Hop (Germany) - what is hiphop

What is HipHop ? It's life, Hip Hop is Mc'ing, Dj'ing/Scratching, Break Dancing, Beatboxing & Graffiti Writing. HipHop is not just music though, it's a culture. #iamHipHop

Its does not just let you express yourself, But also makes others to see your world vision view. In music ex. whether you make a Gansgter song, Romantic or a Club song, It gives you an image in your mind which lets you lives that life.

Feel me fam, It connects people from all over the world, No matter which language. I am from Germany/Canada. Met a lot of rappers here rapping in languages like - German, Spanish, Turkish, French & a lot more and the only thing which connected us was nothing but HipHop itself.

Hip Hop is Hella strong, Belive me.
A lot of people won't even get what we do unless they are a part of us. You won't get to know What is Hip Hop unless you are into it. Feel Me ?

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