Rob C - What Is HipHop? (Chandigarh - India)
Rob C - What Is HipHop (Chandigarh - India) what is hip hop

Hip Hop is a direct representation of the life you live. It's all about keeping it a 100 and not faking anything. Being an Artist myself, I think it's really necessary for each one of us to be able to connect to the listener in some way or the other. That's the whole motive of Hip Hop. I'm not against catchy/commercial songs and I do feel there's a need to make songs with catchy hooks as well, but going to a club and scoring for the night is not HIP HOP. And that goes for doing drugs as well! A lot of young rappers are influenced by the lifestyle that is portrayed in certain videos and that just misleads the whole culture! Do it if you're really about that life, no problem, but don't do it just because you wanna be cool and want the attention. THAT'S NOT HIP HOP!
To sum it up, HIP HOP IS YOU! Rap about it, that's it! Being witty is always a bonus, but you'd do the culture a great favour if you just tell your story, because you never know how many listeners you're connecting to as the culture, especially in India is still in its infancy and we, as artists and mature listeners can do a lot for it to grow! Just talk about yourself as a person, that's good for a start and the rest will follow! Cheers!

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