Mc Ishux - What Is Hip Hop? (Chandigarh - India)

Mc Ishux - What Is HipHop (India) - what is hip hop

I'm a hip-hop fanatic, i ain't dissing other genres but for us hip hop is more than just a genre of music, once you get into this, your whole perspective about life will change, hip hop turns negative things into positive. Honestly, nothing is as good as hip hop, i love being a part of this culture. you know addiction of hip hop is more than drugs, it makes you higher.
as a rapper i express my emotions through rap. too many people are still unaware as to what rap really is, rap is a art of storytelling, expressing ideas and thoughts, if you want to feel the real vibes of hip hop then listen to an indie artist, we share our joy, pain, struggle, dreams through our music and that's what we're all about.

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