DJ YRS Jerzy - What Is Hip Hop? (Jersey City, NJ - United States)

DJ YRS Jerzy - What Is Hip Hop (Jersey City NJ - United States) - what is hiphop 1
Hip hop to me is a culture that can't be duplicated hip hop is apart of people you have to have it in you. You can't just want to be apart of hip hop it is one of the few genre's i feel is misread the most out of all. If you want to be in hip hop you need to have a certain hustle Nd grind to be here. There's alot that goes on in hip hop some good andd some bad you just have to take chances and really keep pushing to see where hip hop takes you. I relate to hip hop in a lot of ways.

DJ YRS Jerzy - What Is Hip Hop (Jersey City NJ - United States) - whatishiphopHip Hop started from the bottom and built it self up and i did along with all artists in the genre. I have alot more work to do before i really get to the point i see my self at but i know hip hop will lead the way for me. If you know you have what it takes you make it here you can't stop until you reach greatness. HIP HOP will be here forever it might sound a little different sometimes with other new up and coming artists that are branching out but it will never die out.


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