What Is Hip Hop? V. Nova (Brooklyn, NY - United States)
What Is Hip Hop? V. Nova (Brooklyn, NY - United States) - #WhatIsHipHop

The 5 Elements of Hip Hop by V. Nova:
Hip Hop consist of 5 elements. The original 4 are Graffiti, Break Dancing, The DJ & The Emcee. The Emcee is the one who holds the mic & control the crowd. With that said, to say that south music (trap music) isnt Hip Hop, is false. The party references & jingles are no different from the legendary Brucie B or Sugar Hill Gang. Still, some Emcees rep Brucie B & some Emcees rep Kool Moe Dee. The smart Emcee reps both. This leads us to the 5th element which is The Battle. Since the legendary battle between these two emcees, the element of Rap Battling has progressed. I feel it has developed enough to be considered The 5th Element of Hip Hop.

What Is HipHop - V Nova (Brooklyn, NY - United States) - #WhatIsHipHop

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