What Is HipHop? Vers'tyle (United States)

Hip hop is about confidence, clever explanations, and competitive spirit. Being an artist, and a fan of hip hop, these things spew out of my character and daily living. Talking to a girl, any job that has to do with sales or service, whatever. All of them can be done well when you carry the three things that make up hip hop's essence.

What Is HipHop - Verstyle (United States)

At the same time, you have to empower yourself with knowledge,  to truly compete in hip hop. Book smart, street smart, and knowledge of self. The more equipped you are, the more versatile and dangerous you are. So when im saying you should carry that hip hop essence, doesn't mean you walk around like you're rapping to everybody. More so, knowing your audience,  and how to wow them with your wordplay. 



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