What Is Hip Hop? Rising Tuscan (United States)

Hip-hop is a genre of music where you can create the whole vibe, truth or illusion with your words. That being said many use hip-hop to show an image thats unrealistic. We have so many gangbangers and youth killing each other and selling extremely addictive drugs because their idols in hip-hop mostly lie and say that that life is lucrative. I was brainwashed by some people in hip-hop, I got into illegal activity instead of striving toward my own education and empowerment. Hip-hop puts people down and makes them see the biggest names with gold chains cars and girls. In reality most of those big rappers are liars or broke. My music is changing that. When I get signed into a deal and my name is even more prevalent I will tell the world how fake their favorite artists are and illuminate the careers of the real artists in the game and coming up. Reality is hip-hop and when hip-hop is clouded by these fake artists the message behind the music gets clouded. - Rising Tuscan


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