What Is Hip Hop? F.A.N. Music (United States)

Hip hop has shaped our lives in a positive way. We used music to express our creativity and passion for expressing ourselves through music. To us, it's not about being rich and famous, it's about the art. Creating something new, and along the way, improving how we express our creativity to the audience. Other artists of different hiphop genre are people we learn from, listening and understanding what they say and do in their music, and how they do it is something we take into account for when we create our own music so we can continue to grow. We are contributing in the development of hiphop culture through humor. For this song, we wanted to shed some humor to hip hop and show that it's not just something that has to necessarily be violent and aggressive. - F.A.N.
What Is HipHop? FAN Music - Chris Austin, KO, and Tony Harris
Chris Austin, K.O., and Tony Harris
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