What Is Hip Hop? - Bo Dean (United States)
What Is Hip Hop? - Bo Dean (United States)

HipHop is a way of life for myself and countless others. It's not just music, it is a way of expressing myself so people can understand me a little better. HipHop is a voice for the people as well, If it wasn't then it wouldn't be as popular as it has been for so long. It's impact on the world is remarkable. The labels know the power of HipHop yet they try to tarnish it with these gimmicks they display to us everyday on TV and the radio. HipHop is a provider, provided many people who came from nothing with jobs and a way to support their families. HipHop is a hero, it has saved many lives. HipHop is a culture...the best culture at that. I am HipHop - Bo Dean


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