What is Hip Hop ? - Time For Reality! Time For A Movement! Its Time For HIPHOP

There are narrow perceptions about HipHop among people who believe it to be the part of non professional street activities.
Our objective is to bring forth the true meaning of HIPHOP.

As HipHop culture is manifestation of lifestyle of many of you Artists.
As an Artist, How are you contributing in the development of HipHop culture ? How did HipHop shaped your life ?
What are your perceptions about the Artist of different HipHop genre ?

Million Fans are out there and HipHop inspires them in different ways of life. So as a Fan, How do you derive inspiration from this culture ?
How do you use this inspiration in your life ?

If you are running a HipHop Blog then share your experience. How does it feels to be the closest person to this culture as you are connected with HipHop Artists and Fans as well ?
What steps are being taken by you in its development ?

Join this movement to enrich the HipHop culture with your personal experiences.

Share your views and thoughts in the comment box given below.

You can also submit a Video here.

Tell the World that how HipHop has changed your life and be the part of this movement to reach out and spread awareness with HipHop World.

Remarkable views will be shared globally with WhatisHipHop.com

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